Lexus won't be built in Europe, Scion won't be imported

Asked again about its European plans, Toyota Motor Co. emphasized it has no plans to manufacture its Lexus brand in Europe. Stated Andrea Formica, head of sales and marketing for Toyota Motor Europe, "We have no plans at the moment. Certainly not now. In the future everything is possible." Currently the automaker assembles its luxury vehicles in Japan and Canada. 

Interestingly, Formica also denied that the automaker had any plans to import its Scion vehicles from the U.S.

Some other interesting soundbites from the company:
  • Volkswagen is used as a benchmark for quality in Europe
  • Hybrids will capture five percent of the European market by 2015
  • Lexus hopes to hit 65,000 European sales by 2010, when the company at a whole is expected to reach 1.2 million
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[Source: Reuters]

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