Don't forget the used car option

With all the deals going on, it's hard to imagine why anybody would go for a used car. But it's the right choice for some people -- with the proper preparation.

It's a common story. You buy a car from someone who advertised in the newspaper. The next thing you know, you're broken down in the worst part of town. It's hard to know what kind of care was taken of a car by its previous owner; whether the car requiring premium gas and synthetic oil got 87 grade from Speedway and one-off 10W-30... every 10,000 miles.

While there are no legal standards for "certified pre-owned," the little bit of security they offer in the form of a warranty is well worth the $1,000+ premium for CPO, according to the Chicago Tribune. Check out the link for more money-saving tips for auto buyers.

If you've been burned by a bad used car buy, let us know your story in the comments and perhaps you can prevent a similar fate for someone else.

[Source: Chicago Tribune]

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