B20 standards released by Engine Manufacturers Association

The Engine Manufacturers Association released B20 standards at the end of May. The standards are not a national fuel standard, but the EMA wanted its members (and customers) to be able to test how the various engines perform using the same type of B20. As the EMA put it: "Engine manufacturers have limited data regarding the use of biodiesel with current engine technologies. Therefore, for the sole purpose of evaluating the performance of biodiesel fuels in compression ignition engines, EMA and its members have established specifications for the development of biodiesel blends, of up to 20% by volume (B20), which are made with biodiesel meeting either ASTM D6751 or EN 14214, and which also meet the requirements in Table 1 below." That Table 1, and the rest of the details of the standard can be read in the PDF (available here).
[Source: Engine Manufacturers Association via DieselNet]

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