SMART-ass billboards find their way to the bottom of a big ditch

Remember those asinine SMART billboards that read, "German engineering. Swiss styling. American Nothing." in South Africa? Finally DaimlerChrysler saw them for the PR nightmare that they were and banished them to the bottom of a deep garbage pit.

Says Chrysler communications chief Jason Vines, "the local agency explained that it meant no harm and that 'American nothing" related to the smallness of the car." Riiigggghhhhhtt. Is that the best they could came up with after hours of nervous laughter and firing the intern? We can at least give Vines and his team credit for having their fellow Americans' backs -- Vines also explained that his team worked with the PR chief responsible over on the other side of the pond, and the billboards were as good as gone.

[Source: DaimlerChrysler]

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