MYMINI customizable VISA cards

Despite the fact our credit card debt is anything but mini, at least we can now have the iconic brand emblazoned across the face of our plastic. MINI has news of another new credit card, this one a VISA, upon the face of which cardholders can customize a MINI to their liking. Of course, in order to pimp the MINI you've got to apply for the card, which when used earns MINI Motoring Rewards that can be used towards buying the real thing or various other items having to do with MINI mania.

If you'd like to apply for the MYMINI Card click here.

Check out some sample cards, pics of the customization process and MINI's press release after the jump...

[Source: MINI]

    Configurable MINI Card Offers Motoring Rewards Program for Brand Enthusiasts
Woodcliff Lake, NJ - June 19, 2006... MINI Financial Services, a division of BMW Financial Services North America, will launch its MINI Card, a customizable VISA credit card that allows cardholders to design their own credit card image using a patent-pending, Web-based Configurator.

During the online or e-mail MINI Card application process, MINI owners and brand enthusiasts alike are directed to the online Card Configuratorâ„¢, where they are guided through the process of configuring the MINI image they want on the face of their new MINI Card.

"The MINI brand is rooted in individuality and self-expression, so it made sense to complement those brand values when creating the MINI Card," says Ed Robinson, CEO of BMW Financial Services, Americas Region, which includes MINI FS. "MINI motorists revel in the fact that no two MINI vehicles are exactly the same, so why should their MINI credit card be any different? The Configurator allows MINI lovers the option of customizing the MINI image on their card just as they would customize their own cars."

MINI Motoring Rewards:

Every MINI Card includes a no-fee MINI Motoring Rewards program, allowing users to accrue unlimited Motoring Points in a billing cycle. MINI Motoring Rewards points are earned for every $1 spent in net purchases, with points doubling (2 points for every $1 spent in net purchases) on motoring-related purchases including gasoline, car washes and bridge/road toll fees. Motoring Points are redeemed in $50 increments (5,000 Motoring Points is equal to $50 in MINI Motoring Rewards).

Once a cardholder has accumulated enough MINI Motoring Reward Points, they may use it toward purchasing a myriad of MINI products, services and exclusive MINI events and experiences including:
* Cash back on the purchase of a MINI
* Additional cash back if the MINI is financed with MINI Financial Services
* MINI Moolah for service, parts and accessories at MINI dealerships
* MINI Valet Miles
* MINI Motoring Gear available at

MINI Motoring Reward Points may also be donated to hundreds of national charities via MINI Giving Rewards.

"The MINI Motoring Rewards were created to support our customers love of motoring, whether the user applies his or her points toward future MINI loans or leases or for accessories to further customize their vehicles, this rewards program is for anybody that loves these cars and this unique brand," added Robinson.

Users may apply for the new MINI Card online at

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