Man mates Mac Mini with Toyota Prius

We've reported in the past about hacking one's Prius in the search for higher mileage, but what about what about diving into the hybrid's matrix of bits and bytes in search of a more enlightening computing experience? (In the interest of full disclosure, I'm blogging this on a Powerbook G4, have an iMac G5 in the other room and am at the mercy of no less than three iPods.)
Regardless of your operating system preference, one has to appreciate the hack job of Jeremy Kusnetz, a systems architect from Leesburg, VA. Kusnets states his original motivation was to devise a way to take his entire iTunes library on the road with him and have and also for his young daughter to watch DVDs on long trips. I won't embarrass myself by attempting to explain how he did it, but the result is a Mac Mini installed in a cubbyhole of the Prius's center console. Not content using the Apple Remote to control the interface of Front Row on the Mac, Kusnetz programmed the Prius's touchscreen to handle commands for the computer.

You can check out a video of the MacPrius in action here on the designer's website.


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