The #37 Courage C65 of Paul Belmondo Racing suffered a horrible tire failure at this weekend's 24 Hours of Le Mans. The right rear tire exploded, taking all of the rear bodywork with it and subsequently caused the car to lose control and basically disintegrate as it slammed headfirst into the wall. Only a small piece of the Gulf-liveried bodywork remained as the once-pretty Courage came to rest trackside.

Thankfully, driver Yann Clairay walked away without incident, though there was a moment of tension as he and race officials saw that the grass behind the car was on fire. While the loss of the car must have been frustrating to the Belmondo team, the crash was clearly the most spectacular wreck of this year's race, and SPEED TV caught it all on video. It's a remarkable watch. Enjoy.

[Source: YouTube]

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