VeraSun Energy's $420 million IPO a "watershed event" for ethanol industry?

Bruno wrote yesterday about VeraSun Energy's amazing $419.9 million IPO. VeraSun is the second-largest ethanol producer in the U.S., and this IPO's performance did not go unnoticed by stock analysts. The online investment newsletter The Bull Market Report turned around and quickly released a report on VeraSun's IPO and other ethanol-related stocks. The reports says, in part, that "VeraSun Energy's IPO could be a watershed event for the industry. Currently, Archer Daniels Midland is the giant of the industry, but upon its debut, VeraSun, which is the second- largest ethanol producer, will become the biggest pure play available to investors. The company accounts for 5% of U.S. production, and like many of its smaller rivals, the company is shooting for a considerable production ramp up in the coming months and years."

[Source: Indie Research Advisors, LLC]

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