PSA: Top 10 rental car secrets

The folks over at have compiled a common-sense list of the "Top 10 Things Your Retntal Company Won't Tell You."  In point of fact, we'd reckon that most of the pointers are forehead-smackingly obvious, but that doesn't mean that it isn't worth a quick refresher, or a good opportunity to relay your own tips to fellow Autoblog readers in comments.

1. "We're a tax magnet."
2. "We track your every move."
3. "Our prices are etched in sand."
4. "You probably don't need our insurance."
5. "Your reservation doesn't mean bupkis."
6. "Special orders are our bread and butter."
7. "The little guys charge less."
8. "We're cutting corners anywhere we can."
9. "Think gas prices are high at the pump? Look what we charge."
10. "We offer some terrific deals - on Thursdays when the moon is full."

[Source:; New York State Insurance Department]

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