Mention $5-a-gallon gas as a good thing and people get all boisterous

Dave Nalle, over at Blogcritics, recently wrote a piece on how gas prices aren't high enough yet, saying we need to see $4-a-gallon or maybe even $5+ to really get the country on track to a sensible future. He's not (as some of the comment posters in the long and boisterous discussion thread say) on the "enviroleft" nor the right on this issue. He supports drilling in ANWR and increased public transportation use, he'd like to see a "whopping big federal gas tax" of around $1 a gallon and more fuel-efficient vehicles on the roads. Nalle lists a slew of reasons why high gas prices are good for America, and two of the most basic are that it'll "stick it to the Arabs" and it'll help the American economy bloom. His logic is that low gas prices don't force Americans to get out and change their lifestyles. If gas cost more, then we'd find ways to use less, and therefore buy less from Middle Eastern countries. I think it's best just to let him make his argument himself, so go on and read it if the political nebula surrounding the cost of gas interests you at all.
[Source: Blogcritics]

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