Breaking! Leaked document says Ford investing $9.2 billion in Mexico

It looks like Ford's "Way Forward" runs through Mexico, if a document leaked by a Ford employee can be believed. A Detroit-area newspaper, The Oakland Press, broke the story Wednesday, outlining the contents of a 28-page confidential document about "The Way Forward - Mexico."
The Mexico plan could create as many as 150,000 jobs in Mexico over the next decade, as the company leverages the low cost of its Ford of Mexico operations. The plan reportedly includes revamping existing plants and building a new facility.

The south of the border version of the Way Forward plan, which has been presented to the Mexican government, says that Ford's new investment in Mexico could total $9.2 billion by 2012.

It's probably safe to assume that Mark Field's speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Wednesday, in which he asked for federal government assistance (to upgrade U.S. factories, among other things) didn't cover Ford's Mexico plans. Talk about bad timing...

[Source: Oakland Press]

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