Shiver me timbers! Volvo launches treasure hunt for buried SUV

Arrrr, mateys! Have you ever fancied one o' them thar XC90s, Billy? Well, here's Billy's chance - on Monday Volvo Car Corporation kicked off a treasure hunt for a buried XC90 V8 to support its promotion of Disney's upcoming movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" - no swordplay required.

Here's how it works: you pick up a treasure map at your local Volvo dealer, then sign up at the treasure hunt website. Clues and puzzles are emailed to participants, and if you answer correctly, you remain in the hunt and get more clues. The contest wraps up July 12, when Volvo selects seven finalists from the group of treasure hunters who correctly answered all the clues.

Finalists are flown to the secret car burial location, handed shovels and compete to find the car. The first to dig up the Volvo gets to keep it.

This isn't the first time Volvo's donned the corporate eyepatch and played pirate. Disney is the main sponsor of Volvo's entry in the Volvo Ocean Race, and the appropriately named Black Pearl (pictured) is currently in second place heading into the closing stage of the race, which finishes this weekend in Sweden.

[Source: Volvo]

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