Biodiesel "war" starting up around Salt Lake City

And you thought biofuels could help end wars for oil. The Salt Lake Tribune would like you to know the future could be full of small-time battles over waste grease collection, handling and environmental regulations. The newspaper's Sunday edition last week had an article about the escalating "grease war" being fought between home biodiesel brewers and large biodiesel concerns in Utah.
The Salt Lake Valley Health Department got involved in the dispute six months ago after a grease rendering company, Renegade Oil, complained to the department that home biodieselers were able to take waste oil without having to follow the same laws that companies like Renegade Oil had to follow. In some cases, biodieselers were stealing the grease, which was another point of concern. The Utah Biodiesel Cooperative put out a statement telling home brewers not to steal waste grease and to not take the grease without a permit, but the Cooperative does not have control over all the brewers in the state. Graydon Blain, a Cooperative member, said in the article that, "this [fight] has pretty much killed [home-made] biodiesel in Salt Lake County." The whole article is worth reading, and I'm certain more fights like this will pop up in other places in the future.

[Source: The Salt Lake Tribune]

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