New Haven runs out of free parking stickers for hybrid drivers

Last week, Sebastian mentioned that New Haven, CT is allowing hybrid drivers to park at city meters for free as long as they are residents and display a sticker issued by city hall. Great idea.
Not so great is the fact that only 100 stickers were ordered, and those ran out back in May. Hybrid owners who missed out on the stickers are getting ticketed. The fines do get tossed out on appeal, but all things considered, it's probably easier for non-stickered hybrid drivers to just  pay at the meter and call it a day.  This at least saves them the aggravation of contesting a ticket while they wait for a temporary permit to be issued to them.

The program expires at the end of the month, and is set to be revisited by city officials later this week. Changes to the original policy are expected if it's renewed, and the city's traffic and parking czar has expressed an interest in making some changes to the policy. A suggestion: extend the privileges to all hybrid drivers who do business in New Haven. If the goal is to reduce carbon emissions in the city, focusing on its residents is just a starting point. Offering parking benefits to the workers from surrounding areas who commute into the city every day could prove to be beneficial.

[Source: New Haven Advocate]

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