Hybrid incentives offered by more than Bank of America

The hybrid incentives offered by the Bank of America that Joel wrote about earlier today are just some of the many city- and company-sponsored hybrid special offers available to employees and members across the country. The Boston Globe had a run-down of these incentives in yesterday's edition, and, as you can see in the graphic, some companies are really putting their money where their mouths are. The incentives – ranging from Google's $5,000 to buy a hybrid to St. Paul Travelers getting a 10 percent discount on car insurance to parking for free in the city of New Haven – can help offset the initial high price of a hybrid vehicle compared to a conventional one. According to the Globe, hybrid car registrations increased 139 percent to 199,148, in America last year.
Also, to update the Bank of America story, the company incentive could be offered to employees across America if it successful.

[Source: Boston Globe, Thanks to Matt Saunders]

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