Clean diesel engines coming to New Zealand Volkswagen vans

The key, I think, to this article from Car.Co.NZ is that it was "enhanced environmental awareness amongst the general public" that led importing company European Motor Distributors to bring cleaner diesel engines to New Zealand. EMD, which imports Volkswagen vans into New Zealand, will be importing the 2007 California (Volkswagen's new motorhome). The California's engine has an exhaust purification system with a diesel particulate filter that can trap diesel soot, making for a cleaner drive. The technology will also be in VW's new Crafter, Caddy and Transporter vans in 2007.
The purification system has both a passive and an active regeneration phase, according to the article. The passive regeneration happens during open road driving, when the exhaust temperature ranges from 350 to 500 degrees Celsius and involves the diesel soot stored in the catalytic converter being converted into CO2. The active regeneration takes place mostly during city driving. Every 250-300 miles, internal processes within the engine increase the exhaust temperature to around 600 degrees Celsius, which converts the stored diesel soot into CO2. The system has been used Volkswagen vans in Germany since 2005.

[Source: Car.Co.NZ]

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