i on the prize? Mitsubishi's unique new city car tested

AutoWeek spent a few days with the Mitsubishi i, the company's new microcar, in its native environ of Tokyo, Japan. While acknowledging some problems (seats designed for smaller frames, some ride discipline issues), the magazine came away impressed with its diminutive packaging, nippy handling, and amount of standard equipment.

AW indicates that Mitsubishi has brought over a pair of testers Stateside to see how the urban runabout fairs on North American roads.

Does this presage a move by Mitsubishi to sell the i in the U.S.? Given the company's precarious financial situation and ailing reputation, Autoblog's take is that this is highly unlikely. That said, we can certainly see a market for a vehicle like this in crowded city centers. With rising gas prices and the increasing hip-quotient of small cars in the U.S, thanks to vehicles like the MINI Cooper and Scion xB, a distinctive and thrifty motoring experience might just sell Americans.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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