A glimpse inside a Garage-Mahal for rent

Pampered parking garages for car collections in cities seems to be all the rage these days, with country club-like climate controlled environs for priceless works of automotive art and their owners.

We've mentioned them in passing jealousy, but have yet to tour one first-hand, so Jay Loomis at the Journal News has been kind enough fill us in on one such complex, the Collectors Car Garage in Bedford Hills, New York.

The three-floor garage can accommodate 170 vehicles in temperature/humidity/dust controlled luxury, which boasts everything from a triple-bay car wash to staffers that will arrange for oil changes, battery charging, new tires, etc. Owners can bench race in the third floor clubroom, watch car races, or even race miniatures on a toy track. Paranoid owners can even log on to the Internet to check in on their four-wheeled babies from anywhere in the world, courtesy a network of 48 cameras hooked into the company's website.

What price garage glory? As much as $4,140 per year. While that actually is a good bit less than we expected, perhaps we'll hold off on filling out that membership application.

[Sources: The Journal News; Collectors Car Garage]

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