TechnoRides' Twelve Tech Toys under a $1000

For those who prefer a microchip or iPod to new rims or even an engine(!) when tuning their car, here are twelve items TechnoRide notes will fit almost any budget:
  • $3 or less: Polishing cloth
  • $10 or less: StickyPad or power adapter
  • $30 or less: FM modulator
  • $50 or less: Ipod accessories
  • $60 or less: Satellite radio
  • $100 or less: Music player adapter
  • $200 or less: iPod adapter
  • $250 or less: Car stereo system
  • $300 or less: Backup sonar or video system
  • $400 or less: Radar detector
  • $500 or less: GPS navigation system
  • $1000 or less: DVD players for passengers (only)

Now, mind us, we're not exactly sure how a 'polishing cloth' qualifies as a 'Tech Upgrade,' but there you are. Full details and additional items can be found at the link. What do you think of the items and prices? Share your buys in Comments.

[Source: Technoride]

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