Prius hits 500,000 mark

Normally, Toyota wouldn't be thrilled taking nine years to move 500,000 of one of its models globally, but it seems to be making an exception for the Prius -- the company is ecstatic about that timeline concerning its halo hybrid. According to the automaker, 504,700 Priuses were sold cumulatively by the end of April, making up the lion's share of the over 600,000 hybrid vehicles Toyota has sold so far. Honda Motor Company hasn't even come close, having sold just over 150,000 units cumulatively. Toyota attributes its success to the redesign of the Prius in 2003 to include that gave the car better mileage and a more "normal" look. Surging gas prices over the past few years didn't hurt, either.

[Source: Reuters via Automotive News]

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