Tesla EV supercar launch date announced

The boys over at AutoblogGreen recently posted on the efforts of Tesla, a California-based company developing an all-electric supercar. We've learned the car will be called the Roadster and debut at a big press conference done up in the style of a major movie premier in Santa Monica, CA on July 12th. Tesla states the Roadster will accelerate faster and handle better than a Porsche 911 Turbo, meet all Federal safety standards, operate at twice the energy efficiency of Toyota Prius and... and... have a range of 250 miles.
Attendees at the event will not only witness the world premiere of Tesla's "breakthrough technology", they'll also be able to buy one of the first 100 vehicles off the line, dubbed the "Signature One Hundred".

Autoblog/ABG is currently planning on attending the launch to see if the Roadster can live up to Tesla's impressive claims.

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