The Bosch Group and the Getrag Group announced Tuesday that they will partner to develop and market parallel hybrid systems to provide a near-turnkey hybrid solution to automakers.

In a parallel hybrid solution, the electric motor is fitted directly into the power flow of the drivetrain. Under the terms of the partnership, Bosch will handle the electrical systems and power electronics, while Getrag will supply its dual-clutch transmission technology. The companies plan to jointly develop final-drive units with directly integrated electric motors. Bosch already has subsystems off the shelf for hybrid powertrains, and is well advanced in developing electric motors that can be directly integrated into a vehicle's powertrain (as shown in the cutaway model at right).

Once off the shelf hybrid systems are available, we can expect even small automakers to be able to offer hybrid models without prohibitively time-consuming and expensive product development. Bosch and Getrag estimate that their hybrid systems will allow automakers to realize fuel savings of up to 20 percent (using the European fuel economy test cycle) over gasoline-only drive systems.

The Getrag Group is the world's largest independent transmission manufacturer in the world, while Bosch is the world's largest auto parts supplier.

[Sources: Bosch, Getrag]


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