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Warren Buffett is impressed by Rick Wagoner and buys a Caddy to prove it

Warren Buffett was impressed after watching CEO Rick Wagoner's performance on CBS's "Face the Nation" a couple of months ago. So, the Oracle of Omaha faxed a note to Wagoner praising him for his work in front of the TV cameras, and promised that his next vehicle would be a Cadillac. Buffett apparently has kept his promise, recently sending out his daughter to pick up a new DTS - a sign that he's "behind GM 100%".  

Now, we admire Buffett and his investment savvy, and we understand that one doesn't earn $42B by spending irresponsibly (he's said to still live in the house he bought back in 1957). But let us make it very clear that if we ever have an eleven-figure bank balance and find the urge to buy a Cadillac, we will skip right past the DTS and find ourselves zipping around Nebraska in a nice Cadillac STS-V.

[Source: Money/CNN]

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