Read my lips: NO. MORE. (CHEAP) OIL

Warren Brown doesn't mince words:
There is no cheap gasoline.
Accept that.
Now get on with your summer travels, and have a good time.

The Washington Post writer, after pointing out why buyers won't save by trading their current car for a hybrid at this time, pens that news on price-gouging, political unrest, hurricanes, etc., are just symptoms to the unalterable fact that oil supplies are diminishing. He foresees cheap fuel gone within a couple of generations and the major beneficiaries--oil companies, politicians--keenly aware of it. Brown's advice is to either drive less or cut back on disposable goods like hamburgers (or cafe lattes) to pay for all the extra fuel. He sees the Federal Trade Commission (and the media) search for "price gouging" by the industry to be a smoke screen to avoid developing rational policies on dealing with the truth.

[Source: The Washington Post]

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