Nevada Gubernatorial candidate fills up campaign motorhome with biodiesel

Late last week, Republican gubernatorial candidate (and U.S. Rep.) Jim Gibbons took time out from supporting tax breaks for oil companies and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to promote biofuels. The Reno Gazette-Journal reported that while state Democrats like to attack Gibbons' energy record, Gibbons is the first gubernatorial candidate to use biofuel in his campaign bus.
Gibbons was touring the Bently Biofuels plant in Minden, NV and put one hundred gallons of B100 into his motorhome (which is also the campaign bus), saying "Whenever possible we will be burning biodiesel in that campaign vehicle." As the paper says, he won't have to burn a lot of biodiesel because Minden is the only place in Nevada where one can buy B100.

[Source: Reno Gazette-Journal]

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