Meanwhile, Ford is once again following GM's lead by offering a similar incentive program at the center of which is the current high price of gas. FoMoCo has launched a nationwide "Drive on Us" sales incentive program, offering not only zero percent financing but free gas for the rest of the year for new vehicles purchased between today and July 31.

With every sale, customers get a pre-paid MasterCard debit card to buy up to $1,000 of gas, E-85 or diesel. (Thirstier trucks and SUVs get $1,100 in fuel credits) Customers can choose to get cash or a deduction from the purchase price of the vehicle.

In addition, some models get a price reduction ("customer cash" in Ford-speak) of an additional $1,000 to $4,000. The $4,000 deduction is reserved for the slow-selling Expedition (along with zero percent financing up to 72 months!), and there are some good deals on trucks, with the F-150 getting a $2,500 price break and the Super Duty knocked down $2,000.

[Source: Ford]

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