Colorado not going to mandate ethanol blends

While many states are mandating minimum biofuel blends in the fuels sold at gas stations, Colorado governor Bill Owens vetoed a law last week that would have done so in his state. The law Owens vetoed was somewhat complicated, and would have required "that three-quarters of the gas sold in Colorado from November to April contain at least 10 percent ethanol", according to an article in the Durango Herald.
Owens claimed that, "Markets work best when full information is provided to the public, not mandated to them," in defending his action. Thus far, the market has not brought ethanol to Southwest Colorado, where Durango is located, and the nearest E85 station is in Albuquerque, NM. There are 10 E85 stations elsewhere in Colorado, and the E85 Coalition is attempting to double that number. There are over 3,500 flexible fuel vehicles in or around Durango.

[Source: Durango Herald]

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