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Toyota recalls about 320,000 Priuses

Toyota said yesterday that about 320,000 of its Priuses built between 2004 and early 2006 will be recalled because of a potentially faulty steering system component that needs to be repaired, according to an AP story in the Mercury News.

About 170,000 Priuses the will be recalled were sold in the U.S., and letters will go out to Prius owners in mid-June. Not all Priuses sold in the U.S. are involved in the recall. Some Priuses built after November 2005, for example, do not have the faulty part. The recall will also affect eight other Toyota models (none of which were sold in the U.S.) that also have the same steering system. The problem is that the steering part can fall off, "if the steering wheel is turned forcefully to the locked position at low speed or if a front tire strikes a curb or other solid obstacle while the car is in motion," according to the article.

[Source: Mercury News]

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