Kentucky man upset over rental car with bad coil

Over the years, we've frequented some fairly seedy rental car places, and have found more than a few unsavory items in our vehicles' nooks and crannies, doubtlessly left by previous customers-everything from a calcified cheeseburger to a headless Barbie doll. That said, Dan McBride, assistant athletic director at Eastern Kentucky University has us beat. The rental whip he picked up on Tuesday in Paducah came complete with a complementary two-foot-long ball python. McBride apparently thought the wayward snake was a rubber toy, which must've made for quite a shock after went to pet it.

Sadly, no word on what kind of car McBride was renting. Our guesses? Why, a Dodge Viper, Ford Mustang Cobra, or an early-to-market Chrysler Aspen, of course.

[Sources: The Associated Press via News-Leader; StrangeZoo]

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