VW to drop several diesel models next year

Due to upcoming changes in diesel emissions standards, Volkwagen will be forced to suspend sales of several of its diesel models for 2007 - an unfortunate turn of events for the German automaker, given the robust demand for its TDI-powered vehicles (which are for all practical purposes the only affordable diesel passenger cars currently available in the US).

Gone for 2007 will be the Golf, Jetta, and Beetle TDI models. Extra supplies of the 2006 Passat diesel will be shipped over to the US in coming months, which VW hopes will provide sufficient supply well into 2007. A Touareg diesel is on its way as well (for the second time). A new emissions-compliant TDI Jetta will return to the market for 2008, but the fate of the other models isn't currently clear.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]



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