Maserati drops $1.275 million MC12 Corsa in Madrid

Maserati is augmenting its Ferrari Enzo-based MC12 GTI with a new Corsa variant. The triton brand plans to build just a dozen examples on a "build to order" basis, and doesn't expect to go through the certification process to for either racing or road use, meaning that Corsa owners will essentially be limited to trackday outings, clandestine late-night runs, or rubbing the Maser's straked flanks with a diaper in hopes of having it appreciate.

With the $1.275 million price tag, comparisons to the Bugatti Veyron are to be expected, but the latter is a road-going street car with a luxurious interior, absurdly powerful W16 all-wheel-drive drivetrain, and the curb weight to match. The MC12 Corsa has a comparatively timid 755 horsepower, but it's also just 2,535 pounds. In other words, they're two markedly different, yet similarly pricy interpretations of the modern supercar.

[Sources: Inside Line; Maserati]


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