Senator Clinton pushes ethanol, calls for creation of "Strategic Energy Fund"

In an address to the National Press Club Tuesday, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) jumped on the ethanol bandwagon, calling for a massive expansion of the U.S. ethanol distribution infrastructure to reach half of the nation's gas stations by 2015, aided by a 50-percent tax credit for station owners installing ethanol pumps.
Sen. Clinton called for an overarching energy goal of cutting U.S. imports of foreign oil in half by 2025 - a reduction of almost 8 million barrels a day.

In addition to widespread adoption of ethanol fuel, Sen. Clinton proposed a $50 billion "Strategic Energy Fund," paid for out of the windfall profits of big oil companies. Senator Clinton announced that she is introducing legislation to create the fund, which is intended to support "research, development and deployment of energy technologies that will reduce America's oil dependence and greenhouse gas emissions."

The full text of Senator Clinton's speech, and details  of the proposed Strategic Energy Fund are available here.

[Source: U.S. Senate web site - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton]

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