Maranello4. New electric city car with odd looks, zero emissions

A top speed of 30 mph and the ability to drive 45 miles may not be totally appealing to the majority of car buyers in America, but the new Maranello4 is a new small electric vehicle that has a lot going for it in the European market.

For one thing, EVs can park for free in downtown London. For another, the Maranello4's small size is useful in many European cities' old streets. The Maranello4 is apparently quite popular in Italy, where it is built. The current wait for a new model is about 6 to 8 weeks, but the company hopes to have that down to 4 weeks by the end of the year. Perhaps the American market will be more interested in the hybrid diesel/electric version due this fall. That car can go 50 mph and drive 250 miles without a recharge. Heck, that's almost across an entire Midwestern state.

[Source: Sakura Battery via Auto Moto Portal, hat tip to Joel A]

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