This weekend saw the 5th running of the Monaco Historic GP, an enormously popular historic race that runs the weekend before the Monaco GP, in front of a crowd rivaling that of the current event.

Grand Prix cars are, by their very nature, rare beasts, with a competitive lifetime measured in months, not years. So it's no wonder that huge crowds show up to see some of the most spectacular surviving cars race on a classic circuit that will host its 64th Grand Prix next weekend. It's a brave driver (and an even braver owner) who will risk one of these priceless cars in wheel to wheel competition, no matter how gentlemanly. (The lead photo shows a March leading a pack of irreplaceable early '70s Formula 1 cars in one of the weekend's events.)

The Automobile Club de Monaco has a host of photo galleries from the 2006 event, and an archive of photos from earlier events. Enjoy!

[Source: Automobile Club de Monaco]

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