How do you say 'Gesundheit' in Swedish? Volvo's new S80 knows...

Volvo's new S80 says 'Bless you.' Or rather, it might, if only its owners could sneeze inside it. As it is, the company's flagship sedan has just become the first automobile ever to garner the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association's seal of approval.

How'd that happen? The company's Clean Zone Interior Package (CZIP) features remote-control cabin ventilation, which automatically removes odors when the S80's doors are unlocked. Further, the big sedan is equipped with easy-clean surfaces, allergy-friendly rubber coverings, and specially-tanned leather, along with an interior air quality sensor that automatically closes the HVAC system's external air intake if noxious substances are registered.

Us? We're just taking bets to see how quickly it expels the aroma of day-old French fries.

[Source: Volvo via The Auto Channel]

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