British Charade continues to develop

Long gone from the U.S. marketplace, Daihatsu continues to do quite well in other markets, particularly with Toyota's recent cash infusions. The handful of Charade owners still in the U.S. likely wouldn't recognise the current model, but in case Daihatsuphiles are wondering how the brand is fairing, Autoblog presents the revamped Charade, now hitting UK dealerships.

The restyled urban runabout receives a new front clip and redesigned suspenders, including a front anti-roll bar and adjusted dampening rates. The Charade also boasts modestly higher equipment levels, including air-conditioning and newly ventilated front disc brakes. The Charade's range has been rationalized as well, with the SL trim spec falling off the order sheet, though three and five-door variants are still in the cards, as are manual and automatic transmissions.

Likely best left in the its native city environs, the Charade and its 1.0-liter engine reportedly tops out a skosh below 100 mph, but does so while being particularly frugal.

[Source: Easier UK]


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