Mad Scientist Matt sees the "possible improvement" of cellulose ethanol over traditional

He calls himself the Mad Scientist Matt, but Matt Cramer is really a skeptical yet hopeful auto fanatic who is keeping an eye out for ethanol news. Like many others, Cramer knows that growing corn to make ethanol (actually, as he mentions on his blog, growing corn to make ethanol just from the kernels of all those corn ears) is not the most productive use of farmland.

Yesterday, Cramer posted a Georgia-based round-up of news on a more-difficult-to-produce ethanol made from all parts of the plant called cellulose ethanol (also known as cellulosic ethanol). Cramer heard on the radio that cellulosic ethanol production in his home state of Georgia is ramping up. While this type of ethanol is not yet easily produced, there is a lot of hope in Georgia to turn all of the excess pine tree parts generated in lumber yards into biofuel. He doesn't mention this, but there are tons of peanut shells just asking to be turned into ethanol in Georgia.

[Source: WMAZ News, Hat tip to the Mad Scientist himself]

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