Toronto buses to get Suncor biodiesel

There are almost 1,500 buses in the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) fleet. Over the next two years, almost, these buses will burn over 120 million liters (that's about 32 million U.S. gallons) of biodiesel supplied by Suncor Energy Products, Inc. 

Suncor's director of distribution operations and national sales, Don Smith, said in a press release that, "Suncor's unique 'in-line' blending process will deliver a higher quality and cleaner-burning fuel to the TTC."

Suncor is into green energy at more than the biodiesel level. The company sells ethanol-gasoline blends at it's Sunoco gas stations in Ontario (unrelated to Sunoco stations in the U.S) and plans to begin construction later this year on a wind power project in Ripley, if they get regulatory approval.

[Source: Free Market News]

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