Ford Taurus reliable in rental fleet retirement

Is the Taurus still Ford's most popular sedan? That's what the New York Times seems to be saying. Apparently, the car is a popular seller among fleet customers and used car dealers who purchased 71,000 of the retired vehicle between January through April this year.
"They don't stay on our lots very long either," said Hertz vice president Richard Broome, which also sells its rental vehicles.

Between 1992-1996, the Taurus was thebest-selling vehicle in the U.S., the last American nameplate to hold that distinction ( Toyota's Camry currently holds the position). Ford discontinued retail sales and support of the Taurus at the beginning of 2006. Its sibling, the Mercury Sable, was nixed as well. The automaker will continue producing the sedan into the third quarter this year then determine what to do with its manufacturing plant.

[Source: New York Times. Registration may be required.]

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