Customized GPS maps in our future

How would you like a GPS system that told you a blind curve was coming? Or one where you could add a comment that a particular street is gone, flooded, or has the best aftermarket parts shop on the corner? Such abilities and maps may soon be on the horizon.

According to Government Technology, the latest trend among GPS programmers is the ability to create customized navigation maps.
  • At, viewers can enter their own information about a particular area (pictured).
  • Cell phones being used at enter info in the moment throughout a city. (We can imagine motorists using such information to avoid those streets.)
  • Using GPS to track buses so commuters don't keep straining their necks at the bus stop wondering when their city's public transportation will arrive.
  • Find parking spaces (and reserve them!) in congested cities like San Francisco, CA.
More details and a list of emerging technologies can be found at the link.

[Source: Government Technology]

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