Americans More Likely to Forego Airconditioning Than to Buy Fuel Efficient Car

Gas prices have climped to the point that two thirds of Americans are feeling financially strained by the pressures of filling up their gas tanks. Even in middle- to upper-income families (defined in this story as families earning $50K - $75K per year), the number of people to whom gas prices are a burden has risen by more than 20% in the past year. So how are Americans dealing with rising gas prices? They're turning off the air conditioner and deciding not to take vacations or to pick up their kids from football practice. What they're not doing is deciding to buy a fuel-efficient car: the number of people who say that they'd consider such a purchase has remained unchanged. Erik Merckel, an auto-industry market watcher, predicts that gas prices would have to top $4.00 per gallon before sales of SUVs and trucks will slow down.
[Source: Yahoo! News, AP]

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