Lotus launches men's fragrance

Lotus wants you to smell as delicious as the automaker's cars. A brainchild of Michael Albert's, the fragrance is described by its maker as follows: "Lotus is such an exclusive niche brand, and this is how I see the fragrance as well. It gives you a feeling of driving through the Mediterranean in an Elise - the open top of the car, the smell of the fresh flowers and the water."

The kickoff was a night to remember, complete with Playboy's Simon Stahl and bunny Joanna Krupa, not to mention a yellow Exige and a white Elise. The kicker was a golden key for each guest, one of which would open up a glass box containing a giveaway of a three-day luxury vacation at the Sivory Punta Cana Resort in the Caribbean. Sheesh, where was our invite to this shindig?

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