New Power Plant Will Help Electric Cars Run "Greener"

Some critics of electric cars have justly noted that powering your car on electricity doesn't eliminate its environmental impact, it just moves it. Instead of harmful emissions coming from your car's tailpipe, they're coming from the power plant that fuels the house where you plug in your car. That's true, but electric car proponents often reply that power plants are more carefully regulated than tailpipes, and that they're getting greener all the time. Here's proof:
On May 1, Biomass Investment Group, Inc (BIG) announced plans to build a Central Florida power plant that uses E-Grass for fuel, instead of coal. The plant's contract is for 25 years, and during that time, it's expected to save 9 million tons of coal and 20 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Because the E-Grass will be grown on site, the plant is called a "closed loop;" the growing grasses will take in as much CO2 as the smoke stacks emit. So if you live in one of the 83,000 homes powered by the plant, then by all means, run out and buy a plug-in kit for your Prius. [Source: Progress Energy Florida]

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