Hungary joins the supercar race with the Brokernet Silver Sting

Quick-- name a Hungarian supercar. Okay... how about a Hungarian automaker? Almost a trick question, no? Alright, so the Central European nation isn't exactly known for its status as an automotive powerhouse. But if the builders of the cumbersomely-named Brokernet Silver Sting have anything to say about it, the times, they are a-changin'.

Racer Kalman Bodis began dreaming about a Hungarian supercar some seven years ago, and the fruits of his labor were finally unveiled this past weekend at the first-ever Budapest luxury car show, called the LuxusAuto Show. Those with visions of clapped-out Cold War castoffs, think again: in attendance were the likes of Pagani, Edonis, Ferrari and TVR.

Kalman's vision, the Silver Sting boasts a 437 horsepower flat-six drivetrain, courtesy a Porsche 911 GT3 3.6-liter donor engine, and Bodis promises to race his creation in the near future.

No word on whether the Silver Sting will be available for public consumption, but given that the car has a title sponsor, Brokernet, a small production run seems like a likely target.

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