Jesse James goes green and opens organic, solar-powered burger joint

Women do weird things to you sometimes, man. Case in point – Jessie James. Once the biggest badass west of the Rockies, the guy hooks up with Sandra Bullock and suddenly the couple is the sole proprietor of an organic, solar-powered burger joint named Cisco Burger. The new eco-friendly fast food restaurant is located east of the West Coast Choppers compound in which James' “Monster Garage”  TV show is taped. According to TreeHugger the menu will include preservative and hormone-free Kobe beef burgers, low-fat burritos and organic toppings. The roof lacks arches but substitutes solar panels for additional amperage and the burgers are wrapped in biodegradable wrappers. We’re sure it won’t be long now before James builds a dump truck dragster powered by waste veggie oil from the Cisco fryer.

[Source: PressTelegram via TreeHugger]

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