Xethanol to increase ethanol production, add biodiesel to lineup

Xethanol is set to increase their production of ethanol in six states in New England: Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. The corporation has set up NewEnglandXethanol LLC, a “strategic alliance” between Xethanol and Global Energy Management LLC, according to a press release pointed at by Domestic Fuel. This announcement follows Xethanol’s previous announcement of their CoastalXethanol initiative, which will increase ethanol production in the Southeastern U.S.

DF also points to a second press release by Xethanol that says the company is looking to include biodiesel in its portfolio through managing the business of H2Diesel, a company that licenses its proprietary biodiesel conversion technology that “simplifies the production of biodiesel from vegetable oils including waste oils”.

[Source: Yahoo! via Domestic Fuel]

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