RealClimate reports on a comment posted in Science recently, pointing out that a study which criticized the ability of a specific climate simulation to accurately predict Northern Hemisphere temperatures was based on an incorrect implementation of the methodology. While the article might be a bit tough to digest for non-scientists (and even for scientists) it is important to point out, since the original study garnered significant publicity, and was used on the Senate floor as a reason for the U.S. not to join global climate protection efforts.

Simulations of climate events, just as any other simulations, are only as good as their underlying assumptions, and how these assumptions were translated in to computer programs. There have probably been quite a few studies proving global warming, but there have also been studies disproving it. It is often extremely difficult for non-specialists to understand which theory is more plausible, but as far as global warming is concerned, I would prefer trying to do something about it, instead of doing nothing because there is a chance it might not actually be happening.


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