Camaro Concept versus Mustang debate goes digital

Many of us have already taken in Motor Trend’s May issue cover story in which an impatient MT staff pits Chevy’s Camaro Concept, not due out until 2008 if at all, against the Ford Mustang in a digital duel. The comparison occurred in a virtual world created by a simulation program called CarSim. While data on the actually-in-existence Ford Mustang was easy to come by, editors from MT has to consult with GM to cull information on the 2009 Camaro to use in the simulation.

For those who find reading about the comparison a bit one-dimensional, both CarSim and MotorTrend have loaded up their websites with not only animations of the comparison, but also a mini-app called SurfAnim that allows one to zoom, fly around and see the tests performed in slow-motion.

[Source: CarSim and Motor Trend]

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