Japan's Hybrid, Diesel, Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Commuter Train

If you need to get to work, you have many options for how to lower your Earth impact. You can commute, lowering your per person gasoline consumption; you can drive a hybrid, diesel, or E-85 powered car; you can ride a motorcycle or order a micro-car from Europe; you can take the bus or a hybrid taxi. In Japan, though, you may soon be able to combine all of the above. The East Japan Railways Company is testing a train that combines hybrid, diesel, and fuel cell technology, and plans to have the train carrying paying passengers by the middle of next year. The company says that theirs is the first train to use fuel cells, which produce no emissions other than water vapor. The fuel cells will supply about a third of the train's power; the rest will come from a hybrid diesel-electric engine. [Source: MSNBC, and thank you to Joel A. for this fascinating tip]

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