WL-16RIII walkbot: When a Segway's too much effort

One of the big problems with the Segway is that you still have to stand, which doesn't help one's already tired legs. And mobility-challenged folks are keenly aware of the limitations of wheelchairs when confronted by staircases and inclines.
Engadget posted on a device that may be able to answer both problems. The WL-16III walkbot, a joint project between Waseda University and tmsuk, is a chair with two legs. The 'driver' guides the walkbot with a pair of joysticks.

While the researchers envisioned the Walkbot for elderly or physically-challenged individuals, it's a safe bet that able, but tired, folks will be more that willing to rent them at auto shows or concerts.

[Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News via Engadget]

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